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Poem for Muscat or a Muscat like a Poem

Maybe the best thing that often happens when you do the job with love and knowledge is when the creation has such an impact that the world for whom it created wants more and more. We only need patience until the Greek Connection 2018 reaches adulthood.

A circus in crescendo of joy

Part from the eyes it reaches the mouth unveils white teeth Raise your arms to the sky he moves his feet the pelvis rotates Lift the body raises the soul to infinity to meet the sun With pirouettes and jumps slowly blur on the horizon The glass is now empty

The fertile and rich Samos brought her fruit to my glass. The earth, the sea and the sky combine to create a wild and beautiful sculpture. Its taste is full of stars, oxygen and the Mediterranean Sea. Yellow ripeness, spicy and decorated with dried fruit. Deep breathing, tight, intense flavour, balance with character.

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