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Never lost in Wineland

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The new Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées is one of the coolest stores in Paris. The new department store offers four floors of captivating shopping experiences, with luxury brands, latest creative labels and a gastronomic basement with Alain Ducasse, Stohrer the oldest patisserie in Paris and Yard as well as about a hundred must-taste delicatessen offer.

We can all agree: in France, Wine is essential and GLF basement cannot be an exception to that rule, among the precious collection from Yard's Winelist. The Sous le Vegetal collection is standing proud under the central atrium with an art deco glass dome as the top-selling wine right now.

The online market for gourmet products Culinaries, distribute and support the

Sous le vegetal and the Samos 1958 among other premium quality products which are delivered directly from the best producers throughout France and around the world. That's how Livia, Auguste & the muscat family travels the globe giving pleasure even to most distant oenophiles at USA and Canada.

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Angeliki Tsioli
Angeliki Tsioli
Feb 24, 2020

Great news! Bravo!

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