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How to Become Privileged

Modern life increasingly organized around work, the consequence of which is that life serves its self to exist, in a paraphrase of Cogito we can say I work, therefore I am. The Corona crisis has reduced labour to a minimum, and an entire section of society seems to be collapsing. Theories and predictions from psychologists and statisticians predict changes in the way we work and therefore, in the structure of relationships and societies. However, the data presented to analyze the current situation mainly concern the metropolises of the world and not so much the provinces where the agri-food sector is active. Agricultural work is primarily affected by the pace and elements of nature but also by the food chain and consumption.

We have the Chance of producing and marketing our products directly to consumers through our Restaurant FILIA in Samos Island and soon through our website. Avoiding intermediaries who increase the final price, it's not so easy as an option as we shoulder both the cost of the initial investment and the energy needed to produce, standardize and sell the products but we experience it as a privilege. It is also a privilege to operate significant projects such as Greek Connection with the Vin des Potes and the Sous le Vegetal for culinaries.

Basile Passe and Yoan Tavares will receive soon the Muscat Skin Contact 2018 and the Muscat Classic 2019 and everybody can rich and enjoy the Greek Connection Muscat direct through their website or via the wine stores. The Project Sous le Vegetal continues with the 2019 vintage, wines slowly finish fermentation with the first warm days of spring and in the coming months will be ready to be bottled and distributed. everybody still can buy the 2018 vintage at culinaries site as well as the extra rare sweet wine 1958 Samos

Notwithstanding the noise of the so-called crisis and the fear it may generate for the future, we prefer to be realistically optimistic and see an opportunity for all of us as consumers to ask to the productive forces for high-value products at the best possible price with the least environmental footprint. The word crisis originates from the Greek word "Κρίσις" and means the "distinction" but also the "decision" In China's great culture, the ideogram for the word crisis pronounced ge - zi, is a compound word and consists of the synthetic "danger" and "opportunity." After more than 20 years in the agri-food sector, I can say with the confidence that what is the privilege of a few can become a privilege for all our experience says so, and the words testify.

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