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Meet our Wine cellar Samos

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

With the restaurant's launching this season, we created the wine cellar, with selected wines of friends winemakers to frame our dishes and complete the gastronomic experience of our guests.

Made to have ideal temperature and humidity for the wines and invite through its large window the wine lovers to choose or examine before deciding which bottle to taste with their dinner, it is already the restaurant's pole of attraction. This summer, we will suggest 80 different domains and bulk wine directly from the pure and organic amphora from Tava. We vinify the Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains of Samos near the sea in the Tava amphora to keep the purest expression of the fruit and the vineyard.

The first presentation is the new effort of the United Winemaking Agricultural Cooperative of Samos. This effort justifies our persistence and makes us proud that we contributed with our influence and our example to give birth to new ideas and new desires. After the production of Sous Le Vegetal and the Greek Connection, Oenologue Evaggelia Argyrou placed a personal bet to bring three natural wines that expressing three different Terroirs. Following her instinct and knowledge of the local vineyard, she produced those wines that justify growers who insist on the quality of their vineyard.

United Wine Agricultural Cooperative of Samos. It was created in 1934 in the context of the modernization of the country. The viticulturists' associations functioned for centuries at the community level like all the institutions of Greece, continuing a tradition from the ancient years of the city-state, they United under UWAC by law and obligatorily by the decision of the central government to support the creation of a banking system and to establish central governance.

The introduction of technology and methodology, mainly from France, particularly Bordeaux, changed cultivation and winemaking. Commercial and economic incentives were now the only driving forces of production. Nowadays, 2.200 producers participate in the Cooperative as members, and it is included in one of the most prominent wineries nationally

Appellation in eruption

The first visit we had to the island surprised us. We tasted good wine from local amateurs but not from UWAC. It was at least strange because the quality was present. Everything becomes clear when we learn that at UWAC, a chemist implements the vinification process with a very precise prescription covering the terroir creating an artificial muscat taste. At the same time, the last chemist gave the baton to the first oenologist and things starting to change. A woman in the power of the bald head of the male-dominated UWAC managed methodically to convince that UWAC can and needs to change. Following our projects with Jason, she procured suitable tanks, and with the aid of our equipment, she launches three labels without interventions that masquerade the wine and the variety's character.

Vounitis - Erimitis - Profitis


This wine comes from the highest wine fields of the Vourliotes area. On this northern side of the island, the terraces are constantly caressed from the north streams. Therefore, the dry stones do not turn into kilns that fire the vineyards. Furthermore, the high altitude transports the viticulture and harvest later, gripping the sugars low "for Samos Standards" produce a sharp, dry wine with high acidity and high minerality. Part of the vinification made in stainless steel tank and part in egg-shaped concrete vats

Lieu-dit Kioulafa


From Agii sarantides area above the village kontakeika and at the west side of the island in 500 metres altitude has a unique positioning because it receives both north and south streams. The vineyards are located in the winding passage created by the collapse of a peak from seismic activity created by the volcano of Kerkis. Stamatis Stasinis, the winegrower, is known as the first in biological production; we produce Hupnos from his vineyard, which, in its maturity, gives rich fruits aromas of muscat with intense freshness and minerality. The vinification has made in egg-shaped concrete vats with light skin contact and a small part in Stockinger barrels.

Lieu-dit Agii sarantides


From the Pagondas hill at the east- south, a vineyard at 250 meters made only to give large quantities with fertilization and watering by one nincompoop producer Worked and transformed into a vineyard that uses the sun that burns over it from sunrise to sunset for the proper ripening of the grapes the quality polyphenols and the sugars which intensify the incredible minerality and fruits senses. The vinification has made in egg-shaped concrete vats only.

Lie-dit Pagondas

You can taste and the three of them in our Wine Cellar at Philia Restaurant in Kokkari and soon they will be on the Website's e-shop. Cheers to all!!

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