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Eros as a mania for the high aesthetic result and the love for the hospitality and care of others lead us to launch the PHILIA Restaurant. For the Greeks, the notion of friendship is a nuclear force of life, because it presupposes equality and therefore, mutual respect.

In PHILIA Restaurant, this notion will be transformed into a minimalist cuisine with an emphasis on the needs of our guests, with the smallest possible imprint on nature.

Our dreams to create a unique experience for each of our guests comes in an awkward and perplex world era. Experience shows us that the best moments of creativity come when we are uncomfortable and uncertain.

In PHILIA restaurant through the enormous Greek-European tradition with a glance to the future, we will explore every night through the flavours all the senses.

Doors open at Friday17th of July we are looking forward to welcoming you

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2 則留言

Stanley S
Stanley S

Thank you ffor writing this


Angeliki Tsioli
Angeliki Tsioli

Ω, καλή αρχή! Πού είναι σίγουρη, αλλά ως Ελληνίδα φίλη πρέπει να το ευχηθώ! Με κάνετε να έρθω Σάμο τώρα! Φιλιά στη φιλία

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