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Horse Mackerel

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

They have never been popular in Western Europe or in luxury restaurants. However, there are many at sea, and they are found everywhere in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Fishermen appreciate them on their grilled breakfast after finishing their work with other budget surface feeders accompanied by a glass of wine. The Japanese, calling them "aji" love to eat them salted and dried for breakfast and include them in sushi dinners. We value them as one of the most exquisite fish to have in your dish and can be notable in various recipes.

Τhe hard scales along their sidelines are removed lengthwise before cooking to not disturb chewing, and its filleting is done carefully so that the very slender bones it has are not left in its flesh. The fillets are carefully removed to not hurt the fragile flesh and always at a low temperature. When using it raw is better to remove the skin so to avoid an undesired texture.

Their nutritional value, and their taste, are diametrically opposed to their price. In Greece, they are usually cooked in the oven with onions and tomatoes, or if they are small in size, they are fried. Otherwise, we find them salted and marinated in olive oil, and I must admit that this is how the recipe was created.

With a more refined marinade with much less salt and delicate vinegar gives intensity without masking the fish's taste. The technique we use for most of the fish fillets is to first salt the fillets for about 10 minutes (it always depends on the thickness) and if I need it as in this case, I marinate them with light vinegar and soy sauce solution. Salt helps to kill surface bacteria, delaying decomposition and synergy with the solution accelerates the fresh fish's taste.

The broccoli is rubbed to separate its buds and finely chopped to the size of bulgur. Then boil it for just 2 minutes and immediately cool it in ice water to stop cooking and keep the colour alive. Sprinkle with ginger salt, chives and dill and a little of the marinade. Add the cooked sweet carrot and broccoli flowers to further refresh the dish. Despite the exotic ingredients, soy sauce and ginger, it has a very Mediterranean sense of taste, this target is always part of the recipe composition and possibly the most challenging.

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