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Ingredients for Better Wine

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Wander by Paris vine harvest samos

Harvest from 1000m altitude from Ampelos area, the last one for this year. Grapes in this area are reminiscent of honeysuckle aroma, this particular fragrance combined with the high minerality of the soil will be present at our tanks for the first time.

Meanwhile, the vinification process continues under the winemaker's mind with macerations, fermentations and temperature control. Friends keep visiting us to guide them into the heart and soul of Samos island so that they can understand the energy and effort that are necessary prerequisites for achieving a seemingly simple product. Those visits by friends, fellow workers and collaborators are essential for our project.

Wine can be a bond for several other things in between people. We are lucky enough to have that experience many times, and we continue to experience that as long as we work openly to others.

Wander by Paris moscato grapes harvest samos

What passes for wine among us, is not the juice of the grape. It is a fatal mixture, brewed up of ingredients such as friendship and love for what we do, for what we are.

Wander by Paris winemaking samos

Wander by Paris vineyards samos

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