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Late Pruning

Second-year operation in Samos we took over the abandoned vineyard in the mountains of Platanos village. Well hidden from visitors it shows his potential only to them who can understand the secrets of nature. Pumping life into an abandoned vineyard is not easy, especially when fertilisers Chemical or "Bio" ar not into our habits.

As usual, we were a gathering vessel of persistent and negative criticism against our methods by the locals who know days used to do the "easy" work of disease treatment. We do not blame them, after all, they do not earn they're living from that, and it is evident that there is a massive problem in European agricultural policy. It is also the "danger" that one feels from something that comes out of his habits and reacts not so wise.

After a month struggling with the elements of nature, we managed to celebrate the regeneration of the vineyard with homemade sausages smoked with vine branch.

It remains to see what treatment may be a need and the response of the vineyard to our care.

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