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Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety.     


A new era appears on the horizon of history, an era that will be shaped by today's fear, from today's fear of losing our loved ones or even our lives. In this new era, we have to actively participate in shaping it based on our needs, our real needs, those that define the human species. We may need to remember the fundamental, the essential, the primates as the fact that a large proportion of the population that inhabits our planet does not have the time or the clarity to think of something as simple as the Maslow pyramid that we learned in our school years.

The five levels of needs accepted by the social sciences community consist primarily of physiological or basic needs, so does the need for security, for social acceptance, the need for self-esteem, and finally the need for self-actualization. In to basic needs, precede oxygen and water as essential goods which we make almost no effort to recruit them after comes the food and the wine (for French people). If the first needs happen automatically from our physical mechanisms, the second that reflects our current fears we have entrusted to organizations such as states that are generally not trusted for many and various reasons. In conclusion, it seems that we have forgotten something; something is not right; the benefits that came from setting up societies while we long for them, we are not trying to regain them.

The area of ​​gastronomy and natural wines is a small community with fierce competition and some petty people but also with a lot of passion and love for what we do. Organizing exhibitions by persons who think different than the profit itself, allow us to socialize our products but mainly to communicate with each other constructing friendships and groups of different people. Despite the different cultures, the distance, even the individual interest, in addition to our need for socialization and acceptance, we create a moral culture of a synergy of mutual understanding and mutual help. We support a way of life a daily routine, not an urgent need for a crisis.

Today everybody asks for solidarity and to moderate the individuality in a society that has learned that self-interest, money and the economy is above all else.

Today more than ever before we may understand that communities are not just a fashion-trendy think wich will go away again in some time. But a necessity which gives joy and safety, which cover the self-actualisation needs like no other known action.

Today more than ever before everybody can realise why some people like us insist on running their businesses in a way that is not "usual". Often described as anti-commercial, taking the risk and all the costs, however, brings benefits to us all and the generations to come.

Keep yourself safe my friends

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