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Curing open wounds creating an ecosystem

Each year the cycle is repeated in almost the same way. with the vine grower, at instructor role, an architect of the natural world, and the vineyard, like a small mischievous child returning from holidays to school.

Second-year in the recently abandoned vineyard in Platanos, last year Jason took drastic decisions about the vineyard pruning to strengthen it to awaken it and revitalisation it. This year the practice remains the same and as another goal, to grow the vine to become a tall, proud tree.

In pruning sometimes large incisions are made for the health of the vine, as soon as we cripple it we hurt and expose it to fungi and diseases. To help protect itself, we apply a homogenised blend of natural wax, propolis, and infused olive oil with Perforate St John's-wort to the incision, giving time to the vine to react and close his wound. This practice does not stop with the healing of the vine, as the Mediterranean first hot days melt the wax allowing the cured wound to breathe, the arrival of the bees to harvest the excess propolis which is not absorbed by the vine create a new ecosystem which we need.

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