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1963 Muscat

After the spectacular 1958, the glorious 1963 came to the market, another forgotten barrel in UWC cellars which we bottled with the oenologist Evaggelia and for a while is available in limited quantities by Leopold Kiem's import agency Agora Vino. At the recent Viennese party of the restaurant & wine bar O Boufes, we had the opportunity to discover the real Viennese gastronomy due to Dominik and of course to present to the passionate Viennese public our projects in Samos.

Our dry wines were not ready to participate at the party, but hopefully, our friend Afianes was there, and he refreshes our mouths with his wines from Ikaria.

Thanks to Dominik and to Konstantin the Samos Project is well known in Austria as well as elsewhere in Europe, so when the dry wines are ready, we will revisit the Austrian capital to present the new wines from Samos which will complete the Muscat family.

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