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Wine cannot talk

Until the time you open it... But before you open it when it is on the shelf how can this wine talk to you, how can explain to you the journey it has. Those questions indicate the seriousness of the issue.

We decided to address an artist we appreciated as soon as we met him in Marseilles, to create the representative who will communicate the identity of the wine .

Anthony Duchêne, avoids the conventions developing a work based on sculpture inspired by gastronomy. Merging the world of gustative and olfactory sensations with that of hunting and nature, evoke hybrid figures and mutations of plant species that inspire him to create new combinations.

As an amateur of wine, he had to suffer a wine taste; explore the island and its vineyards to find the inspiration for the critical mission.

We had decided only for two cuvée, one white Muscat and one red from the grape variety August The idea to strip the island from the flora and bring to light the terroir brought the common name "Sous le Vegetal" for all the line of the wines and the name "Octave" for the Muscat because combines the elements of eight terroir and the obvious "Auguste" for the red.

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