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Vi.Te -Vignaioli e Territori

Vi.Te is synonymous to artisanal wine, that expresses the flavour of the land it comes from and is born from diversity, knowledge and presence.

The winemaker – through everyday acts of farming – creates his or her relationship with the land and the wine.

Vi.Te unites producers from all over the world who strive to express themselves through transparency, authenticity, and individuality. Our wines produced with respect for all living beings and aspire to be the authentic expression of the places where they made.

Vi.Te Formed in 2012, with the characteristics and aims expressed in this statute. The association carries out various activities, including the annual ViViT event. This year has prepared a big private party for the producers and their friends. Live music, a lot of wine and delicious gastronomic dishes take part to join all of us who attended Verona's great feast.

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