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Natural Wines

We can define the term "Natural Wine" as many people require, by saying that "Natural Wine" is free from additives. It doesn't need Sulfur, Yeast, Tannins, Vitamins, Sugars, Acid controllers, Stabilizers, Enzymes, Proteins, Zelatines for clarification e.t.c. But is way more than that, is a way of living and understand the world, is the respect to nature and consumers, the responsibility we have to deliver a better future to the new generation.

The most crucial factor for the creation of natural wine is the cultivation of the vine. While maintaining a healthy environment in the vineyard, we secure the necessary elements that are responsible for the grape juice transformation into wine, as well as the parts that are responsible for wine's health and protection. After all, we maintain all the elements that are responsible for the unique natural taste and flavour. Given that every wine has its inherent qualities we have to thought before we modify it with chemicals which might obscure its natural taste instead, we accept it and enjoy it as it is.

Isabelle Legeron the first French woman to become a Master of Wine named Wine Woman of the Year 2009 in Paris, a wine aficionado who has a passion for communicating her love of natural wine to as many people as possible. She visited our country by accepting the invitation by Mr Lazarakis Konstantinos MW for a masterclass dealing with Natural Wines. Before Athens and the masterclass visited us in Samos where we have guided tours of the island's unique nature and vineyards, we informed her about our project while guided her to our facilities in UWCSamos where she had a wine tasting.

That's how she chose Octave to present it along with outstanding Radikon, Gut Oggau, Matassa, Leon Barral, Pheasants Tears, Domaine La Grange Tiphaine,

Among many that she said she praised the importance of Natural Wine production in maintaining a healthy environment, a subject that is continually being discussed and undoubtedly one of the most vital issues in the future. She also showed us pictures of a microscope showing the different situation of two different wines. One made with chemical additives like most in the market, and the other with no additives. The photo of wine with additives did not show anything, while the other of the natural wine showed a vast concentration of life.

So we can say that Natural Wine is the result of the grape juice spontaneous fermentation coming from a healthy vine with biodiversity and no chemical treatment. The winemaker does not made the wine but he guide the transformation so that it can deliver its maximum features. Of course it needs a lot of work and knowledge, not all Natural Wines are excellent, but certainly, only one Natural Wine can be excellent.

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