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Mediterranean Sea Flavours

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Wander by Paris oyster samos

Twenty-One countries have a coastline on the Mediterranean. However, only a few genuinely epitomize the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Having a decent understanding of Greek culture, you are readily aware that Greece is one of the region's leaders in food and lifestyle. Having the longest coastline in the Mediterranean Sea Basin and the third-longest coastline in Europe is well known for its blue and clear offshore waters, coastal caves, sheltered coves and bays and excellent beaches. However, it is less well know that at his seabed, delicious treasures are hiding that only a few know it.

Bivalve molluscs, including mussels, scallops, and clams, rank among the most commercially important shellfish throughout Greece but for the amateurs who known well, exist more interesting seafood like Wild Oysters and Scallops, Arca Noe, Date Mushel, Sea Urchin, Clams, Pinna, and many more.

Opening a shellfish is a small adventure, hermetically sealed, covered by slippery algae but when the shell opens, the aromas of the open sea and those of the fresh breeze they flood all over the place.

Wander by Paris mediterranean sea food

Shellfishes are traditionally eaten fresh and raw like small mezze with ouzo or wine; this habit makes it challenging to optimise the experience when a Chef tries to adapt the shellfish in a recipe.

The best thing to be done is creating dishes with the seafood as the main ingredient, as the King of the plate. In this tricky topic, we will try with the experience we have gained in France and in Chinese - Japanese kitchen, to rediscover greek shellfish flavours with the synergy of other ingredients, to create a degustation menu out of shellfish for the first time in the culinary world.

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