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Livia the first Release

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

The first label of the SamosProject is ready for the market under the name Livia. The Godfather. Anthony Duschene is the person responsible for visualizing the idea of ​​the two winemakers who united their abilities under the urging of Ochin Clovis.

Wander by Paris sous le vegetal livia wine samos

Anthony's idea to keep the Latin family united to bring us the third label after Octave et August.

Livia Rome's first Lady was Octavius Augustus wife and is entitled to have the right to be the first in the line of "Sous le Vegetal".

Our vigneron Jason Ligas and Patrick Bouju from the Domaine la Bohéme create a sharp dry muscat, with real finesse and a particularly pure, floral sort of roses out of the first vineyard harvested on schist soil at 400 m. under the care and the in-depth knowledge of the UWC Samos.

Wander by Paris livia wine samos

At first, you will have the opportunity to taste it at Paris where Ochin Clovis operate his business and at the After the summer you will taste it as the other wines in the line at the upcoming RAW artisan wine fair

There more to come. Keep in touch we working for your pleasure!

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