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Curing Black Pig Ham

Eumelia it's not just another one hotel in Lakonia, its Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse relaxing and peaceful. In its sprawling land apart the farmhouses for the guests have Olive trees, vegetable garden, vineyards, hencoop and pig farming as well. All the guests can participate in several activities which make the stay pleasant & exciting.

Barring the vineyard planting, we had to prepare to cure ham out of scratch for the Eumelia's kitchen.

The sacrifice of the three black little pigs it was not in vain. Delicious cured ham, bacon's, sausages & smoked filets mignon prepared with care & respect. Mature outside the refrigerator in the natural environment for more than a year for some pieces and not less for three months for others.

Next year are more to come !!!!!!

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