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Steak of Pumpkin to Dream About

Pumpkin, this word came from the Greek word πέπων (pepon), and it means big or mature. Pumpkins used for hundreds of years in cooking, also as utensils, pots and even musical instruments, however, the strangest use we know of is that of a lifebuoy for swimming.

We harvest them in mid-October depending on the weather conditions, and we must admit that it comes the right period when the weather cools down to warm us up and feed us with sweet and savoury recipes.

At the same period, we harvest the chestnuts and pomegranates, so the idea to make a recipe with the simple autumn products that are available came spontaneously.

The idea was to create a dish with a complex deep, taste that could be eaten by everyone,

which means that it should excite meat eaters even if it has no trace of meat; also the most demanding vegans should be able to eat it, and of course, it must be gluten-free. Not an easy task, I admit it, however, is always productive to test our capacity in the creation of spontaneous ideas.

The pumpkin cut into large pieces of 150 grams and marinated it in a mixture of spicy olive oil, mustard powder, salt and Tonka zests. The olive oil with the mustard adds depth and piquant taste at the pumpkin when Tonka-been gives subtle aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, freshly cut grass and of course bitter almond.

Steaming for 10 minutes and then grilled it acquires a crisp texture on the outside and soft on the inside.

Pumpkin's leftovers mashed into a fine puree after being cooked together with garlic, onions, and one large bouquet garni like we do for the stews.

After boiling the chestnuts, we smoked them with beech wood, and we rub them with a Microplane. It gives smoky ginger-like aroma and participates to the complexity combined with soaked pomegranate seeds in sweet Moscato wine Solera. Pumpkin seeds add some more protein to the dish and after baking and salting it creates a pleasant contrast with the sweet pomegranate seeds.

Black seed oil complete and unites the taste giving one antioxidant, healthy, low fat, powerhouse vegan Not Tedious dish.

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