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Full moon harvest V'20

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Less well known to the general public, night harvest is not unusual in areas that are subject to extreme heat. They enable the harvest of fresher grapes and the creation of crisp wines with beautiful aromas.

Harvesting at night allows us to collect very fresh grapes, which will remain intact until they reach the cellar.

Night temperatures combined with the humidity in the atmosphere in the mountains of Samos significantly reduce the risk of oxidation. The grapes retain all its flavours and the fermentations must be carried out at a low controlled temperature to extract the best aromatic compounds of Moscato.

Difficulties and complications caused by working with a headlight in the dark are equalized from avoiding the Greek summer rays of the sun and the hot heat, the full moon helped us by brightly illuminating the mountain vineyards and by giving us splendid images. In the early morning, we went down the mountain to the winery and made our new wine from the quartz and shale soils.

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1 Comment

Angeliki Tsioli
Angeliki Tsioli
Sep 23, 2020

You guys rock! What a coincidence to have such a full moon at harvest! Although, I start believing that there are no coincidences...

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