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Philia Culinary Winery

Samos Greece

Sous le Vegetal

In 2017, after 12 years of experience on the island of Santorini

and 12 additional years in the city of Paris,

we settled on the island of Samos, intending to start

the Culinary Winery Philia, which is dedicated to all our friends

with whom we share the same aesthetics and life experience.

With friends, winemakers Jason Ligas and Patrick Bouju,

we designed a series of wines inspired by the terroir of Samos

and the French artist Anthony Duchene illuminated

by the terroir of the island, created the etiquettes. 

The Sous le Végétal Project tries to express through the variety

of Muscat grapes the spirit of the mountainous green terroir of the island.

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