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Harvest V'18

The grapes managed to reach maturity earlier this year,we have watched them form, grow and become that what we see today a beautiful yellowish perles. The grape harvest signifies the beginning of wine creation so a selection of only the best grapes it is necessary and vital as well as the time of harvest. The protection by the hot Mediterranean sun it was at the highest priorities also the nice good work among friends.

This year they honoured us with their help Patrick Bouju from Auvergne & Mathieu Deshautels Romain Henin from Champagne. Our team complemented by the fabulous Cecile - Justine - Josephine - Konstantia - Violette - Angelos - Johnny - Nikos - Stamatis - Dimitrios.

Jason & Patrick decide to make a maceration muscat out of the vineyard at the volcanic soil. For this case, they have chosen to harvest after midnight until the first morning hours in a mountain with no electricity or other facilities. "Necessary," they said to ensure the freshness of the grapes and the ideal phenolic level.

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Oct 06, 2021

Apppreciate you blogging this

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