Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Hüpnos is the son of Night and Darkness in Greek mythology, using his power to deceive the other gods as we did to cheat the hot days in the volcanic plateau of biodynamic Muscat grape grower Stasinis.

Our goal, to make wine out of whole grapes maceration, forced us to make a night harvest at the time that everybody, even the grapes sleeps. That's how we get as fresh grape as possible with precise phenolic maturity and low temperature.

The harvest was delightful between friends, after a feast in the vineyard we start our mission. The first crop arrived in the winery early the dawn, and in the next few days, we finished the harvest.

After fourteen days maceration, juices fermented in a tank and saved in amphoras for about a year at the UWCSamos facilities. The final product comes in a black bottle that seals with cork and wax, and you can taste it from Culinaries as well as the other wines of the Sous le vegetal range.

A memorable night gave a remarkable wine for unforgettable moments and not only thanks to Patrick

Bouju Jason Ligas Evaggelia and all the UWCSamos team who worked under new maybe odd conditions.

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