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Chasing Olive Oil

Not far from the Nestor Palace at Pylos, The Mondi family work hard to produce high-quality Olive Oil every single day. Thanks to their passion providing extraordinary liquid gold in very little quantity.

The trees are aged quite enough for mature taste and aromas in Olive Oil.

There also two varieties, the well known Koroneiki and the Mavroelia. Both give different but extremely high quality which does not depend only at the low acidity but more than this at the Phenols which are naturally present due to the hard work and the climate quality.

After the tasting Mondi's family, Olive Oil sold out very quickly at the best restaurants and grocery stores in Paris, London and New York

The very fresh taste with the bitterness at the end and the long aftertaste gives to all chefs one ultra tool to improve and Revealed their plates.

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