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Wander by Paris showed that a small business with limited resources could change the way people see the Greek gastronomy. Wise innovation made all the difference. At Wander by Paris, we are always looking for the limits of gastronomy experience. Members in the Slow food movement from 1996 and with a multicultural mentality, we pushed the boundaries above our era. In 2002 we built the foundations in Santorini Island, those foundations allowed us to transform ourselves and outside of Greece. In 2006 at Paris creating the l' Olivier demonstrated a very high level of efficiency and creative longevity, changing the paradigm of Greek dining forever, opening the road for the bistronomy movement.
In 2016 we felt justified in promoting a new challenge at the Samos island, adding a few completely new experiences and choices.


47 Rue du Pere Corentin Paris 75014

Tel: 0033 781067424  wanderbyparis@gmail.com