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Using only fresh, seasonal, and local produce

from the Greek island of Samos,

we aim for the highest sustainability levels possible. 

Our fruits and vegetables come from the slate fields

located in the mountains.
Everything is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, Welcoming all fauna into our gardens,

thus avoiding any treatment and protecting the environment.


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We adhere to gentle winemaking

and apply environmentally-friendly production techniques that influence the resulting wines' flavour profile and quality.
We use the permaculture method for vine cultivation,

and we handpick the harvest.

Biodynamic practices are applied only on a need-driven basis.
We do not spray with pesticides or herbicides.

When turning those handpicked grapes into juice,

we rely on native yeast,

never using any additives in the winemaking process.


A term that seeks to capture the environmental as well as cultural influences of vine growing and wine production.
Principally in the concept of "terroir", incorporate  the complex forces that result in the unique characteristics of wine