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Our wanderments have taken us on multiple genuinely wondrous gastronomical journeys.


In the process, each milestone has helped us in actualizing tangible changes in Greek gastronomy.

From an all-day lounge bar introducing comfort food back in 1998 through to today,


where we are focusing on creating seasonal gastronomy, our journey unfolds as follows


Zefyros Cafe-Bar

Launching the first all-day lounge cafe bar in Athens, Greece, introducing comfort food and becoming the paradigm for future Cafe-Bars 


L'Olivier Restaurant

In Paris, France, l'Oliver was paving the way for the bistronomie explosion by forever changing the paradigm of Greek gastronomy, all the while demonstrating a superior level of efficiency and creative longevity.


skin contact.jpg

greek connection

Collaborating with Jason Ligas, creating two wines, namely "Classic" and "Skin Contact" from Samos islands' volcanic soils for Sommeliers Fous in Paris, France, who are suppliers of natural wines from vibrant winemakers. 


philia restaurant

Launching our third Greek gastronomy restaurant in Kokkari, on Samos island, Greece, our emphasis is on minimalist cuisine coupled with no-waste philosophy, once again redefining gastronomy's boundaries.








Gourmet Restaurant

The first gastronomic restaurant on the island of Santorini, Greece, known for cultivating and using its products. Personal relationships with fishermen, farmers, and winemakers were instrumental in introducing locally sourced products to fine dining.


Wander by Samos

Wander by Paris is currently creating wonderments from the island of Samos, Greece. The creations include developing a winery, winemaking collaborations, and a minimalist cuisine restaurant.


Sous le Vegetal

Another winemaking project, collaborating with Jason Ligas and Patrick Bouju, creating

four muscat labels from different Samos island terroir

for Culinaries, Paris, France.

About us

Wander by Paris has changed, and continues to change, the way people perceive Greek gastronomy.

Through our core philosophy of respect coupled with innovative practices, we create change by seeking the limits of the gastronomic and culinary experiences. 

Our philosophy is to deeply respect each other and nature. In practice, this means that all our wanderments are created in light of respecting the individuals who will partake of them and respecting nature’s bounties as she offers them.


Therefore, everyone is welcome to enjoy our offerings, and all our products and their ingredients are carefully selected based on being grown naturally and produced organically. 

As active members of the Slow Food movement since 1996, our gastronomical journey continues cultivating a multicultural mentality that is constantly pushing the known culinary arts’ boundaries future-forward. 

Philia restaurant.jpg



Using only fresh, seasonal, and local produce from the Greek island of Samos, we aim for the highest sustainability levels possible. 

Our fruits and vegetables come from the slate fields located in the mountains.
Everything is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, Welcoming all fauna into our gardens, thus avoiding any treatment and protecting the environment.




Taste the different types of famous
dry white wines from Samos
Using the permaculture method for working the vines, we harvest by hand.

We apply biodynamic practices only if necessary.

We do not spray pesticides or herbicides.

To turn these hand-picked grapes into juice, we rely on native yeast, without any additives

in the winemaking process.


In our world everything



A term that seeks to capture the environmental as well as cultural influences of vine growing and wine production.
Principally in the concept of "terroir", incorporate  the complex forces that result in the unique characteristics of wine


Our settling on the island of Samos is driven by the desire to slow down, observe the world, and like the passionate artisans that we are, to seize the opportunity to create some excellent wines by supplying the best possible fruits. 
This wanderment includes the island's exceptional vineyards and its experienced winegrowers, now coupled with our twenty years of experience in the wine industry.
We live with the realization that some of the best things in life are revealed involuntarily, and like a good wine, you have to enjoy and appreciate them.